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"Most people were never taught financial literacy in school," says Tamara. "And, understanding how money works and can work for you - will impact the life you lead, and that of your children and family. Not only that, when we thrive financially, we are able to extend more support to our communities and causes we care about. I believe we can change the world with financial literacy, and I want to help make that a reality."

Tamara's money coaching will help you:

Define Your Dreams

Do you want to pay cash for your children's education? Take a month long dream trip to Africa? Or retire at age 50 (or earlier)? What to do it all? Great! Living your best life starts with defining clear goals.

Evaluate Point A

Point A is your starting point. And, it is probably not a surprise that taking a full evaluation of your finances at Point A is uncomfortable for most of us. That's okay, because by the time you are done working through Tamara's coaching program you are going to look back on Point A - and love it because you will be beaming with pride with all that you have accomplished!

Create a plan & build a budget

We'll work together to create a plan to reach your goals and the budget to support them!

Learn strategies and systems for success

Ever put money in your savings account, then transfer it back to checking and spend it? Eeek... sound familiar? This doesn't make you bad with money - it makes you human! During our 1:1 sessions I will teach you how to set up money management strategies and systems that will make saving and investing for your goals easy-peasy.

“The guidance and feedback that I have received has given me a greater confidence to truly tackle my debt. I feel more informed and knowledgeable so this time around I am making conscious decisions with my spending. I have made such an improvement with my spending that I am now finding myself in the positive, versus the negative each month. Financial literacy can be daunting, but with Tamara's guidance I truly feel confident and cannot wait to see myself breaking into the six-figure net worth.”

— Kally D., coaching client

What's included in my coaching package?

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Six, thirty minute 1:1 sessions via video or phone. During these hands-on, personalized experiences we will talk about your goals, and discuss the information needed to create a personalized financial plan and budget. It is also your time to talk about any money anxieties you have and we will work together to address those.

Text Your Questions

Sometimes you just have a quick question! Reach out to Tamara via text and receive a text or video response to your burning financial questions about 401ks, 529 plans, ROTH IRAs and anything else you would like to know more about!

Strategies for Success

You will receive a booklet that includes all of my best money management strategies for success.

A plan to take with you

At the end of our time together, you will have a financial plan and budget to take with you. This will include: a strong understanding of your goals, and understanding of your starting point, a top-level financial plan that examines important benchmarks like your emergency fund savings and your living expenses ratio, and a personalized budget. Not to mention, the peace of mind that comes with planning for the future!

1:1 Coaching Plan

  • Get a personalized financial plan and budget
  • Analyze your current finances
  • Learn how to save money and not spend it
  • Plan for retirement and financial freedom

$500 package

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